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To submit your non-confidential idea, please fill out the information below. Be as descriptive as possible and include any sketches, photos or drawings that you believe will help explain how your idea works and what makes it a great idea. Then click on the Submit button below and your idea will be sent to us for review and evaluation. If your idea appears to be a good fit, an AUSTIN Healthcare Solutions representative will follow up within 10 days.

  • Please Note: As you can imagine, we are working on numerous projects that may or may not be similar to the project you have in mind. In order to avoid any future conflicts or concerns regarding the source of new ideas, it is our policy to only consider discussions or reviews of ideas of a non-proprietary nature or protected by an issued patent. It is our policy to not engage in mutual confidentiality agreements when discussing new ideas. If you believe your idea has the opportunity for protection under patent law, we recommend you consult with your legal counsel prior to any conversations with us.