It is our science that makes us different

Our chemist trained at the best plants in the United States. And for this reason was able to develop, with the assistance of our chemical suppliers, an innovative High Resilience foam, with low ILD numbers. In the U.S. this foam is manufactured only in a Variable Pressure Foam (VPF) machine and at very high costs.


 At AUSTIN Healthcare Solutions, we recognize our employees who go above and beyond to make this company better than any other. It is because of their exemplary efforts and performance that our products are always made correctly, on time, and provide the best outcomes for our customers.

Veronica Forster

Veronica was hired by Foamex Mexico in 1994. In 1996 Foamex Mexico built the largest polyurethane foam plant in Latin America in which time they became one of the largest exporters of automotive and consumer products with annual sales of over $300 million.

While there she was a corporate leader, and innovator who developed new foams for the mattress and the automotive industry.

In 1998 she left FoamEx to begin her new venture, Cut and Sew Operations, followed by Creative Mattress Designs in 2007. Both which service the home and health industry.

These two new founded industries lead to the development of “Sublime Foam”, in which the Sublime Mattresses and Austin Healthcare Solutions companies were born.

As if this was not enough, she established a division for shoe insoles for people with diabetes, as well as another for children under the name of Viva Kids.

William Bundy
Advisory Board

Roger Nichols
Chief Marketing Officer

Roger maintains expectations and willing to take full responsibility for the delivering of project objectives. An easy going individual who enjoys challenging and diverse roles and is confident working with technical experts from any industry. As well as practical research, writing, editing, and production in a wide variety of formats, including print, broadcast or electronic media. Projects consisted of educational and training materials, awareness campaigns, print and electronic newsletter, executive communications, presentations, and other communication products.



I began my career in the polyurethane foam industry back in 1994. During 1994-2005 I had the fortune of working with the brightest engineers in the industry.

In 1994, our management was responsible for the construction and operation of the largest polyurethane foam factory in Latin America, having been in the polyurethane world for many years has given me the ability to understand its various customer needs, especially as it relates to the need of having foams that are long-lasting, comfortable, and made with the latest in chemical engineering advances.

Austin Healthcare Solutions is committed to developing products for hospitals that solve problems, increase longevity, aid in the reduction of pressure ulcers and provide comfort to its patients.

We take pride in the diligent work and care that we put into each one of our customers, and are continually looking for ways to develop our services to better assist them.

Kindest Regards,

Veronica Forster

Customer Service

Our staff pride themselves on their commitment to customer service. Our dedicated customer service team is available to help with any questions and to make the shopping and returns process as simple and stress-free as possible.

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